Dominic James

A comic show that goes from Pop to Opera
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With a powerful voice and a great vocal range, Dominic offers a tribute show to "Il Divo" and "Andrea Boccelli", including West End and Broadway hits in pure classical style, as well as currently recognized authors such as Ed Sheeran.

A really unique show, it´s very rare to find a comedian caught inside an opera singer!


Dominic James is a classical tenor vocalist who studied his career at Doreen Bird in London as an actor / singer / dancer. There he worked in several television production programs such as Grease, Les Miserables or Joseph.

He produced a show called "¡A tenor comic!" that he performs in theaters, cruises resorts, casinos and hotels.

Arrived in Tenerife and due to his incredible voice, he won the entertainment prize for the "Best Male Vocalist" on the island.