Drum Dance

Percussion and dance in a colorful and immersive atmosphere
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Drum & Dance is a show that harmoniously mixes percussion and dance, integrating new trends and technologies such as Ultra Violet, Neon and LED lighting to achieve intense and colorful emotions to the audience.

Cariocas Leds, Wings of light, Water Drums, Flags Fluor ... all this set in a musical atmosphere and diverse variety, with a daring and very accomplished staging, making this show a guaranteed success.


Skill, professionalism and joy is what characterizes this group of 3 artists who combine different styles acquired through their extensive international career in Italy, Greece, Japan, Holland, among others, where they have developed for many years in performing arts and dance.

They came together in Tenerife with their ideas and elements to create at the beginning of 2016 a different, innovative and adrenaline-filled proposal called "Drum & Dance". A show that will take you on a journey of color, fun and modernity like no other.