The Crooner

The golden age of the crooners summarized in a single voice
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  1. Jackie Matthews
    March 06, 2020, 7:56 pm

    Saw you in ALBORADA OCEAN CLUB, it was fantastic!

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The Crooner is a show in which songs of the greatest Crooners in history are performed such as Tom Jones, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra ... adapted for all audiences and ages. With an impressive artist and very grateful to his audience.


Rafa "The Crooner", a native of Barquisimetro, the music capital of Venezuela, started as a child in the world of music thanks to his parents, who helped him to enter the Conservatory of Music in 2006 in the specialty of singing .

From 2007 until today he has not stopped moving in this world, from sharing the stage with great artists, producing his own album "Traces of love", to represent Venezuela in the 2 International Festival of Latin song. Rafa has been a Soloist for more than 10 years, making the general audience proud when interpreting his excellent music inspired and immersed in the beautiful melodies of his voice.