A flamenco production by Raúl Belmonte
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After innovating every year "Alcazaba" was created, sweeping the market of fusion, composed most of the musical themes by the same and adapting the most current versions to pure flamenco, with five female dancers and two male dancers next to a spanish guitar in some cases.

Exclusive and unique music, innovative choreographies and an exquisite hand-made wardrobe are the three essential ingredients for its great success.

"Dancing with enthusiasm, humility and without time is a style of dance that many know but few learn. Dance and don´t stop feeling it. "


Born in Malaga and starting his artistic life at the age of 14, Raúl Belmonte has always stood out for his wit, originality and enthusiasm in each of his facets, both musical and in the world of dance and flamenco. From his early years as a professional he has been learning from the best artists in Malaga such as La Trini, La Lupi, Pepe Marchena, La Zamarrilla ... among others. With 18 years, he embarked into the television world in Telecinco programs, accompanying great artists such as Carmen Sevilla, Luis Cobos, Juanita Reina, Peret and many more. At the age of  19 he danced in numerous flamenco tablaos on the Costa del Sol, Los Caireles , Pepe Marchena and in the Vito where he was discovered by Carmen Mota. He quickly adapted to the world of theater and started numerous tours outside of Spain for 10 years, Stockholm, France, Morocco and taught several flamenco courses in Budapest.

For 8 years in the Arona pyramid he was part of the Carmen Mota ballet as one of the most outstanding dancers on stage that led to his learning at the great stage, lighting, sound, structure of the show and everything that entails a great staging Many knowledge that he embodied for 4 years in the room "Exit Palace" where each year was a great success with his 2 known ballets directed by him; "Duende Gitano y Zarandeo"

A clear example of good work, effort, discipline and most importantly, enjoy and feel proud of belonging to a great team.